Hello! Welcome to Blue Blossom Academy!
We will teach you everything you need to know to create, launch, and jump start your own successful floral arch rental business. 

We were the first to start this business in America and have won numerous awards as well as having been published nationally multiple times. 

After we started Blue Blossom Rentals in 2018 it became an instant success! In the year we launched we completed over 50 weddings/events, and by the next year we were the number one arch rental business that came up on Google anytime someone searched arch or arch rental. We get 500k-1 MILLION views A MONTH on Pinterest, Google, Instagram, and Facebook. 

How We Became Successful

Our success was due to the key strategies I implemented as an entrepreneur, many that I learned with my own entrepreneurship degree and business degree from Purdue University, and many I learned by trial and error.

I also learned where to source the most realistic and incredible flowers so that the arch flowers look and feel like fresh flowers!

We now have the option of franchising this business into every city, which would cost around $150,000+ to buy into, but decided to make it more affordable for people to buy into by creating this online course outlining EXACTLY, step by step, how to quickly launch your own successful Floral Arch Rental business.

Earn up to 6 figures

We are one of the first and few companies to be renting floral arches like this, which is an important reason why this is THE TIME to get started!

Our average arch is rented out for $950, and the time it takes to set it up is 30 mins. It will be the easiest money you have ever made. 

The amount you make will depend on the beauty of your designs (don't worry, we offer design tutorials!), how realistic your flowers look (we provide a guide on where to source every stem), how well you follow our successful marketing plan, and how big your reach is (how big your town or city is). 

This business can allow you to make an incredible profit without working a 8-5pm job!

You could work from home, on your own time, and only part of the year during wedding season! And you could be making up to $150,000-$250,000+ a year depending on your demographics and how well you are able to follow this business model. We cannot promise you will be an instant success, but we will give you the tools and roadmap that we used to get there.

If you follow our step by step tutorials on how to create the arches, where to buy the product, how to market it, how to set up your website, how to create SEO for your business, how to do ads the cheap and easy way, how to create and fulfill orders, how to store your product with little overhead, how to do a wedding setup (plus more), you will be on your way to what I feel like is my dream career and life!

Are you creative & love flowers?

If you love creating beauty, being surrounded by flowers, and the refreshing feeling of nature. This course and career is for you. There is something so rewarding and calming about creating beautiful art through florals that is admired and appreciated by so many people.

Are you tired of working your life away or missing out on your children's lives?

One of the best parts about this career is the freedom of working when you want, being able to stay home with your kids if you want, travel wherever you want while working remotely, or just sleeping in and enjoying life the way you want to as your own boss.

Do you want to work less but earn more?

The beauty of this business is that these arches are a one time investment that keeps paying you rental after rental. They pay themselves off within a couple rentals and from there it is nearly all profit! You can literally work half the time and hire the setups out for a small percentage of the rental profit.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of this digital product, we will not issue a refund once this course has been purchased. We put our heart and soul into this course and truly believe you can be successful by following this course. It's a step by step guide, but we cannot guarantee anyones success. We can only show you how we became successful, and share the keys and steps that may lead to your success as well. By purchasing this course you understand there are no refunds and agree to these terms

Why start a floral arch/ backdrop rental business?

With the boom of social media comes the need for photos and videos, so the arches bring incredible value to create that perfect image, look, and dream wedding! They can transform an otherwise boring space into something beautiful, or simply accent the already gorgeous aesthetic of the space. It also brings the focus in on the bride and groom by bringing your eye to one place! ⁣This is why the demand is so high right now, but there are few to zero floral arch rental companies to meet that demand!

About Me

Hi, I’m Jacqueline

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Blossom Rentals, along with my mother Sophia. I design all our arches, choose & order each flower, and run the business with my moms support. 

I have a degree in Entrepreneurship & Business from Purdue University, and studied Sinclair and Moores Floral Design.

I show you how to make these arches yourself in a way that can be reused and rented for years, without needing to be remade. I also teach you how to design them in the most trending floral designs!

I share everything you need to order for the floral arches and business!

We were the first to start this business in America and have won numerous awards as well as having been published nationally multiple times in the last 5 years with our beautiful arches as the focus of the business

Course information:

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